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Fostering Human Resources and Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

DBJ is proudest of its human resources assets. The Bank actively works to build a systematic human resource development system and a comfortable work environment to bring out the best in every employee.

1. Human Resources Development Vision

DBJ's role has evolved and developed substantially to meet the needs of the times. The Bank considers such innovation crucial to maintaining its leadership position in the constantly advancing financial field.
To develop its all-important human resources assets, DBJ encourages autonomous and pioneering behavior in its employees as financial professionals through the vision of “generalists who can be specialists in many fields.”

2. Introduction of the Target Management System

DBJ actively strives to cultivate a comfortable work environment. To maintain an environment in which all employees can feel secure, DBJ has notified employees of its campaign to prevent sexual harassment and has set up a hotline to deal with such issues. Furthermore, to support mental and physical health, the Bank has created systems with training and self-assessment, in addition to regular medical examinations.

3. Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

DBJ's financial professionals are supported by a well-developed education and training system. The Bank's mandatory training by level in combination with elective self-training according to skills and interests enables each employee to plan his or her career.
In addition to practical on-the-job training (OJT), which gives employees responsibility regardless of age, DBJ's job rotation system positions employees for the medium to long term according to skills and career choices, after having worked in several departments. This system enables employees to build practical experience and develop skills with a medium- to long-term vision.
In step with globalization, DBJ cultivates employees able to perform in domestic and international settings. To achieve this, the Bank actively assigns employees to a wide variety of external organizations, including graduate schools in Europe and the United States, overseas research institutes, international institutions, related government agencies, and domestic research institutes, thereby supporting skill development and network expansion.

4. Seeking Higher Ethical Standards

For half a century, DBJ has led Japan's economy as a general policy-based financial institution. As the Bank transforms into a private-sector financial institution that values the long-term perspective, neutrality, public mindedness, and reliability it has cultivated, each employee is being held to a higher ethical standard.
DBJ has long sought to enhance employees' ethical standards by requiring training to assure legal compliance, ISO training to deepen ISO 14001 understanding and promote eco-friendly conduct, and information security training to address the risk of fraudulent access and information leaks.


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