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Financial Platform

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DBJ's neutral stance and advanced-player status are perfect catalysts for developing and maintaining its financial platform, which is an institutional, general-access capital good.

1.Defining “Financial Platform”

In DBJ's definition, “financial platform” refers to the amount and quality of funds to which corporate and other clients have access, the systematic formulation of bases that affect the diversity of fund-raising methods, financial expertise and practices, market transparency and the degree of market participation.
The more complete the financial platforms, which are indispensable to financial system soundness and macroeconomic vigor, the greater is their effectiveness at promoting the revitalization of businesses and urban and local communities and the creation of new industries.

2.Activities Involving Financial Platforms

Example 1: Structured Financing
We support the development of Japan's financial markets through our early involvement and building the base for structured financing. Structured financing includes project financing, such as PFI, in which financing is repaid
throughproject cash flows, as well as real estate liquidization.
Given our experience at forming projects and evaluating operational viability from our characteristically long-term perspective, we are ideally situated to participate in structured financing based on long-term contracts. We play an important role in ensuring the long-term success of projects without being swayed by short-term profitability considerations. DBJ's position of neutrality enables it to provide advice and arrange structured financing, to which interwoven interests are key, without being affected by special-interest relationships. Our contributions to the formation of legal systems and regulations, as well as to business creation, make us a trustworthy moderator between public and private interests. By applying our distinctive status to structured financing activities and maximizing our wide-ranging network in the industrial, academic and public communities, we collaborate with other financial institutions to help build and maintain the financial platform for structured financing.
Example 2: Venture Company Support
DBJ has supported venture companies for more than a decade and in a variety of ways. In addition to providing financing and guarantees, we support financing through incubation funds and fostered successful technical development through our Practical Application Support Center for Technology. We have also developed a number of risk evaluation and support measures suited for venture companies. In terms of financing methods, from the time we began supporting venture companies we provided financing that used intellectual property rights as collateral. Responding dexterously to changing economic and financial circumstances, as well as legal reforms, we also introduced the acceptance of bonds with stock transfer rights and loans with new share options.
Our success in this sector reflects our distinctive ability to screen companies and projects from a long-term perspective, as well as our wide-ranging networks, which include venture capitalists and technical specialists.

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